The Top Scores web site is a national database and archive of Australian secondary school academic results.

The top scores of year 12 students are available by year, by school and by student.

Summary statistics about each school's year 12 results are also available.

The results have been gathered together to form a national archive of data on the topic of academic excellence. The archive currently extends back to 2001 (in some States). Data from earlier years is being added gradually, along with current year results as soon as they become available.

The score data can be sliced, filtered, sorted and grouped in many ways. Comparisons can be made between schools, between subjects, between years and so on.

Education in Australia is regulated at a state government level, with each state having its own government education department. Inevitably, this means that school assessment programs vary between the states. Thus the results and statistics on this website are organised by Australian state or territory, and the details that are available vary widely from state to state.

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