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In New South Wales, the Higher School Certificate (HSC) is awarded to students who successfully complete year 12 studies. HSC results are the basis for determining which students receive offers of enrolment at tertiary institutions. The HSC program has a long history in NSW education, extending back to the late 1960's, when it was first introduced.

To be awarded an HSC, a student must complete four subjects or more, involving at least ten units of study. HSC schools offer a wide range of subjects (worth 2 units) and extension courses (worth 1 unit). Each single unit of work is marked out of 50, so the majority of the core HSC subjects involve a mark out of 100. A student's overall HSC result is calculated from their best 2 units of English plus their best 8 additional units.

HSC results are divided statistically into bands, from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest) in a standard course, or from E1 to E4 in an extension course. Students who achieve a band 6 or E4 result are recognised as Distinguished Achievers. This is equivalent to an HSC score of 90% or more.

The NSW Board of Studies is responsible for administering the HSC program. It establishes and manages the curricula used throughout the NSW primary and secondary schools, from Kindergarten to year 12. It conducts the external HSC examinations each year in November. It also oversees the assessment process and the distribution of exam results.

New South Wales HSC results can be selected from the reports drop-down list below.

Student HSC Distinguished Achiever Rankings, New South Wales, 2011
This report lists the number of Distinguished Achiever awards won by each HSC student in the selected year, ordered from the highest to lowest total. Where students have equal D.A. counts, entries are listed alphabetically.

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 Student Name School Location
The school's city, town or suburb.
The student's total number of Distinguished Achiever awards.
2101 Daim, Samaa Falih Liverpool Girls High School Liverpool 4
2102 Dalal, Aarohi Arthur Phillip High School Parramatta 4
2103 Daley, Patrick Sydney Grammar School Darlinghurst 4
2104 Dalkic, Ahmet Erol Epping Boys High School Eastwood 4
2105 Daly, Claudia Cadence Merewether High School Broadmeadow 4
2106 Daly, Shane Gerard Barker College Hornsby 4
2107 Dao, Annabella Thao Ngoc Baulkham Hills High School Baulkham Hills 4
2108 Dao, Dennis Sydney Boys High School Surry Hills 4
2109 Datu, Justin Marian Catholic College ? 4
2110 Davidson, Henry John St Ignatius College Lane Cove 4
2111 Davies, Phoebe Ravenswood School for Girls Gordon 4
2112 Dawson, Alexandra Ravenswood School for Girls Gordon 4
2113 de Kantzow, Lucy Wenona School North Sydney 4
2114 De Silva, Nivanka Deniliquin High School Deniliquin 4
2115 de Weerd, Rebecca Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College Kensington 4
2116 Deagle, Allison Ann Carlingford High School Carlingford 4
2117 Dean, Naomi Rose Molong Central School Molong 4
2118 Debrincat, Elyse Oakhill College Castle Hill Castle Hill 4
2119 Deng, Manfred Sydney Boys High School Surry Hills 4
2120 Dewhurst, Rachel Loreto Normanhurst Normanhurst 4
2121 Diamandoulis, Irene Willoughby Girls High School Willoughby 4
2122 Dick, Hayley Picnic Point High School Panania 4
2123 Diez Del Corral Dominguez, Nuria Hornsby Girls High School Hornsby 4
2124 Dillon, Georgia Loreto Normanhurst Normanhurst 4
2125 Dinh, Tra Mi Menai High School Menai 4