South Australia

In South Australia, the SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) is generally undertaken by students aiming for entry into South Australian universities. A SACE study program consists of four, five or six subjects divided into two Stages, and further sub-divided into semester units. Stage 2 subjects are typically undertaken in year 12.

Grades for SACE subjects are based on a scale from 0 to 20. A student who achieves a top score in a subject, 20 out of 20, receives a merit award and is placed on the State's Merit List for that year.

In certain subjects, further recognition is extended to the State's top student in that subject through the award of a named prize or medal.

Beginning in 2011, the top SACE students are also recognised through the award of a limited number of Governor of S.A. SACE Awards. The top aboriginal student is also recognised with the award of the Governor of S.A. Aboriginal Student SACE Award.

The administration and management of the SACE program is the responsibility of the SACE Board of South Australia (SSABSA). Each year the Board publishes the State's merit and prize lists on a subject by subject basis. However, the SACE Board deliberately withholds data from the public about year 11 and 12 merits, prizes and academic outcomes on a school by school basis.

South Australian year 12 merit results can be selected from the reports drop-down list below.