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In Tasmania, the TCE (Tasmanian Certificate of Education) serves as the gateway qualification for entry into courses of higher education, such as those offered by the University of Tasmania. Students are able to construct and complete a TCE program from a very broad range of learning sources, including formal senior secondary subjects (year 11/12), VET units of competency and apprenticeship programs. To graduate, a student must earn at least 120 points worth of education and training, with at last 80 of those points being in demand level 2 studies.

The administration and management of the TCE program is the responsibility of the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA).

Each year the TQA publishes the State's list of top TCE students, outstanding academic achievers, outstanding achievers in specialist areas and outstanding achievers in VET programs. Academic and specialist awards are granted based on student Aust. Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR, formerly the Tertiary Entrance Rankings, TER). The VET program awards are granted to students through a system of school nominations and TQA panel judgements.

The Tasmanian Top TCE Students and Outstanding Achiever awards can be viewed from the reports drop-down list below.

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Top TCE Students, Tasmania, 2011
This report lists the names and schools of the top TCE students, according to their ATAR score ranking. Prior to 2004, only students in the top 0.5% of all students are listed. From 2004 to 2013, the State's top 100 students are listed (the report may actually contain slightly more or less than 100 names, depending on the cut-off levels).

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 Student Name School Location
The school's city, town or suburb.
The student's Aust. Tertiary Admission Rank, ATAR (formerly the Tertiary Entrance Rank, TER.)
76 Lynch, Jesse Tasmanian Academy Hobart College Mt Nelson  
77 McArthur, Connor Tasmanian Academy Hellyer College Burnie  
78 McCashney, Angus John Launceston Church Grammar School East Launceston  
79 McGushin, Heather The Friends School North Hobart  
80 McIntosh, Ella Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
81 McLean, Nicholas Mark Tasmanian Academy Elizabeth College North Hobart  
82 Moore, Imogen Victoria St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
83 Moore, Sally Rae St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
84 Narulla, Nanak Singh The Hutchins School Sandy Bay  
85 Newlands, James William Tasmanian Academy Elizabeth College North Hobart  
86 Newton, Alexander The Friends School North Hobart  
87 Nicklason, Eleanor Tasmanian Academy Elizabeth College North Hobart 99.95
88 Nolan, Eliza Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
89 Nothrop, Lewis Jack Launceston College Launceston  
90 Palmer, Martika Kathleen Scotch Oakburn College Kings Meadows  
91 Paul, Caitlin Louise St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart 99.95
92 Pearsall, Hannah Grace Tasmanian Academy Newstead College Newstead  
93 Phair, Andrew Roy Rosny College Rosny  
94 Phillips, Rebecca Louise Scotch Oakburn College Kings Meadows  
95 Player, Penelope Ruth Scotch Oakburn College Kings Meadows  
96 Plottier, Gemma Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
97 Popiel, Abigail Marist Regional College Burnie  
98 Powell, Sophia Grace St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
99 Reading, Dwayne Ian Tasmanian Academy Elizabeth College North Hobart  
100 Reekie, Clive Andrew Tasmanian Academy Hobart College Mt Nelson